Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Analyst Recommendation and Stock Performance: Performance Oct (Pt. 03)

Welcome to the third follow up on my little empirical study.

This is the October performance month-to-month (mtm):

  • Total Best 12 Basket                                                380,84        -3,2%      374,61 
  • Total Worst 12 Basket                                             360,51         -4,9%     353,75 
  • DAX 30 Perf Index                                                  7.322,08      0,2%      7335,67
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average Index (Price) (USD)   13.494,61     -1,9%   13232,62  
Perfomance decline in both Baskets stronger than DJIA. DAX stagnated however most shares in the baskets are American listed securities anyway.

In the Best Basket only Lynas Corp took a hit above ./.10% decrease (-15,7%).
However in the Worst Basket centrotherm had a lot of problems, declined again by -48,3%. KPN (-20,3%) and Dendreon (-18%) declined as well. On the bright side First Solar (+11,3%) and Sprint Nextel (+12,7%) increased.
So far it seems like the Worst Basket is more volatile than the counterpart. It sure would be interesting this, however i might add Beta values for the stocks since this should give some guidance as well.

Overall performance since setup (August-Nov):

  • Total Best 12 Basket                                                2,8%
  • Total Worst 12 Basket                                              7,2%
  • DAX 30 Perf Index                                                   8,6%
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average Index (Price) (USD)    2,7%
So overall the worst basket is still stronger, despite its strong decline in value in October.

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